The start-up « Orfea Acoustique développement » based in Brive-la-Gaillarde has developed an acoustic solution to meet a growing demand: noise reduction in open-space!

Noise is the number one cause of discomfort at work. And the problem is even more pronounced when it comes to sharing offices with colleagues who speak a little too loudly. Open workspaces have become very fashionable to limit the cost of rent. Companies have multiplied these types of facilities to such an extent that today 60% of European employees are concerned, with benefits such as space savings and teamwork, but also drawbacks, starting with noise pollution.

Suffering the daily surrounding conversations of colleagues can generate stress, loss of concentration and efficiency, demotivation, reduced productivity and absenteeism. According to an EY study published in 2016, the cost of this productivity loss for French companies reaches 18 billion euros per year!

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