Silent Space® Premium


Our premium solution combines the educational noise indicator with the sound masking technology to improve comfort and concentration in Open Space. It is a perfect tool to support your CSR strategy.


About Silent Space® Premium


Silent Space® is our premium acoustic solution that improves comfort and concentration in open space

Thanks to an educational noise indicator, Silent Space® help employees to become actors in their own well-being

The LED changes colour according to the sound level
It interacts with users to make them aware of the noise level they generate, helping them to adapt their behaviour for better collective comfort

Based on sound masking technology, Silent Space® also diffuses a neutral and homogeneous sound that reduces the intelligibility of surrounding conversations, allowing users to stay focused on their activity


4 breakthrough innovations



reduces the understanding of surrounding conversations


shows the sound level by changing colour


to set up the devices and collect data


simple, fast and workless installation


Sound masking


For an optimal and homogeneous coverage, several devices are positioned in the space. Reducing the distraction radius lowers the comprehension of surrounding conversations, creating areas of discretion with enhanced speech privacy.



Without Silent Space

With Silent Space


LED Indicator


Change is now! Is it blue? Quiet atmosphere, everything’s fine. Is it red? Pay attention, you’re making too much noise!

The Silent Space pedagogical LED changes color according to the sound level.

It interacts with users to make them aware of the noise level they generate and thus helps them to adapt their behaviour, for a better collective comfort.


> No action needed <
> Let’s make sure we respect this atmosphere <
> Let’s be collectively attentive to our behaviour <
> Let’s make a collective effort by talking less loudly <


Connected solution


Silent Space App is a mobile application that allows to set the controllers and diffusers, change the sound level thresholds, the colors of the LED, and more.

This mobile application offer the possibility to collect data recorded by the controllers, thus allowing to establish progress reports, useful for CSR and QWL issues.


Plug & Play


Silent Space installation is simple, fast and non-destructive. Each device consumes only 2W per hour. They are screwed like bulbs, on different types of supports that plug into a simple electrical socket.


Set-up process



  • Implementation study based on plans and pictures of the office and furniture
  • Mounting system selection
  • Device Configuration
  • Shipment of the devices and mounts on site


  • Installation and activation of the devices by our team
  • Product presentation and user training
  • Training of a Silent App Super user


  • Maintenance and support service
  • Data analysis reports (Sound level heatmaps)
  • 2 year warranty

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