Improve confidentiality, concentration and comfort for everyone


Reduce noise impacts on health


Every day, at work, at home, on the street or in public transport, we are exposed to noise. While our eyes have eyelids that can be closed, our ears perceive, amplify and transmit all sounds to the brain that decodes all of them.

In addition to being the cause of loss of concentration, noise at your workplace is a factor of stress and fatigue linked to poor sleep quality.

Our solutions aim to reduce the impact of noise on our health through two different means


Addressing the source of the problem by acting on behaviours


“Noise is the others,” yes, but that is not all…

We are never bothered by our own noise. However, our conversations are a source of annoyance felt by others.

Noise is also a matter of perception and sensitivity. Everyone has his own acceptance threshold and his own abstraction capacities.

So what can be done to create a collective awareness of the problem?

By providing an objective noise level indicator



I work in optimal conditions!


I work in good conditions but I remain vigilant!


My team and I have to adapt our behaviour!


My team and I need to change our behaviour!


Controlling the background noise level with sound masking


With Silent Space®, background sound level is adjusted and noise peaks are softened and less disturbing.

The principle of sound masking is not to cancel ambient noises but to make them less perceptible to our ears by reducing their dynamics. The result is a sense of calm that promotes concentration, lower stress level and provides essential confidentiality in the workplace. Silent Space® improves the quality of the space’s sound environment.

Everyday, you experience the principle of masking: flowing fountain, seawaves, blowing wind…

To recreate these situations, we do not add additional sound energy. We stabilize it by filling the “hollows” of the acoustic landscape. The transmitted signal does not contain any particular information, it is very quickly forgotten by the brain which no longer realizes its presence.


Boost productivity


Noise in open workspaces causes multiple loss of concentration.

Our solutions have been designed to help users stay focused and thus be more efficient.

6 million French people concerned

According to the Ifop/JNA survey, 1 out of 5 working people loses more than 30 minutes due to noise annoyance at work, including 29% of under-35s and 32% of managers and senior professionals.

120 hours lost per year

based on 30 minutes of working time lost per day due to noise

23 Billion euros in lost productivity per year*

33,840 euros per active employee would be lost to the company per year.

(*) According to an Ifop/JNA survey conducted in October 2016


Protect privacy


Ensuring the privacy of your conversations can be difficult when the background noise level is too low. On the other hand, a high background noise level becomes annoying to nearby occupants and may force them to raise their voices.
The addition of a neutral masking sound based on our unique technology offers the possibility of protecting the privacy of your conversations.


Improve the acoustic comfort in your spaces


Improve the acoustic comfort in your spaces

The ABC method addresses the problem of acoustics in your workplace.

Absorb (acoustic panels, carpets, absorbent tiles)

Block (walls, acoustic separation, partitions)

Control (Sound masking and noise LED indicator)

Since materials that absorb and block the propagation of sound are less and less valued in modern buildings, the “C” part of the architectural acoustic equation has to be carefully taken into account. Sound masking thus contributes to increase the acoustic comfort of a space.

Combining passive and active acoustic solutions such as sound masking and light indicators makes it possible to efficiently improve the perceived acoustic comfort within your workspaces.


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